Android Intercom is very simple to use. If everything goes well ;)

To talk with other Android Intercom devices over WiFi the only thing to do is to be in the same network.
You can join and manage networks going to "Add Device -> WiFi -> Join Network". This is the phone's application so you will probably are familiar with it.

If there is no access point near you there are two options:
  • Create a network: "Add Device -> WiFi -> Create ‘Intercom’ Network". This may not work on your device because it uses non public APIs (features Google don’t want that we use by ourself). Of course you can create a network by yourself if your phone have the “Tethering” feature.
  • WiFi Direct: Go to "Add Device -> WiFi -> Join Network" and look for the WiFi Direct button. It may be on the menu. Connect two devices and return to Android Intercom. Hopefully you will be able to talk with the other device.

If you want to talk with other Android Intercom device using Bluetooth just add it to the list: "Add Device -> Bluetooth -> [select a device]".

Don’t try to select headsets or computers. I will not work :)

If the device you want is not in the list you will probably need to pair it. Just use the “Bluetooth Settings” button at the bottom of the list ad pair them.

Once in the list you have to connect to it. All you need to do is tap it to start the connection. You will notice different Bluetooth representing the connection’ status.

To remove a Bluetooth device long press it and it is done.


If you have problems with the recording play with “Audio Advanced Settings”.

Setting “Recording buffer” to “max” and test all three recording frequencies should make it work. If it doesn’t It probably wont never work :(

Remember to restart the app with the “Exit” option to test these settings.